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Chronic Stress

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Acai 20:1 Organic Freeze-Dried Extract
Euterpe Oleracea, is one of the latest “super-berries” to gain popularity, but it has been used for thousands of years by natives in the Amazon rainforest.This organic extract of acai berries is extracted at a 20:1 c..
$15.00 - 200 servings
Arabinogalactan Larch Organic 98% Extract
An FDA approved soluble fiber from Larch trees also found in some grains & vegetables, and is the primary immune-stimulating compound in the herbs echinacea and curcumin.Arabinogalactan supports the immune system..
Brown seaweed Organic 35% Fucoxanthin Extract
FUCOXANTHIN 35% Standardized Extract, also consists of glycoproteins and glyconutrients from a super low molecular weight extract of lake-grown Kelp.4/5/14:  Increased the specification of this extract from 35% ..
Cistanche Tubulosa Root Organic 30:1 Extract
Cistanche Tubulosa Root 30:1 Full-Spectrum Extract1/26/14:  New potency!  300% More potent than our previous 10:1 extract!Cistanche has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.Cistanche incre..
Fructooligosaccharide Organic 98% Water Soluble Fiber Extract
Fructooligosaccharide(FOS) 98% Pure Water Soluble Fiber ExtractFructooligosaccharides (FOS) are short-chain polymers. comprised of D-fructose and D-glucose, which are not metabolized by the body like simple sugars ar..
Galangal Organic 10:1 Extract
Galangal Organic 10:1 ExtractGalangal is a part of the family from turmeric and ginger. Botanically it is known as alpina galanga. Galangal Extract helps so much to minimize toxins in the body, therefore ideal for yo..
Ginkgo, Organic 24/6 <1ppm Ginkgolic Acid
GINKGO, 24/6 powder, has <1ppm ginkolic acid (a potential irritant) and is standardized for over 80 antioxidant Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides in the proportion used in European research.Ginkgo promotes concentration, ..
Goji Berry Organic 40% Polysaccharide Extract
Goji Berry Organic 40 % Polysaccharide ExtractGoji berry plants are an evergreen native to China and Tibet. They have been known by the locals to help fight fever, lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight, cleansi..
Green Tea Organic 20% Caffeine Extract
GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% “full spectrum”, is standardized to a minimum of 20% caffeine.Provides a mild lift yet creates a calming effect and a good mood.It modulates stress hormones. Green tea has positive effect a..
Green Tea Organic 98% Theophylline Extract
GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% Theophylline is the most potent form of Theophylline yet. Suggested Use: 100 to 250mg per day. Diet Tip: Carbohydrates such as bread, whole grain (e.g. rice, millet, quino..
Green Tea, Organic, 98% Polyphenols/50% ECGC Standardized Extract
GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% “full spectrum”, is standardized to a minimum of 98% polyphenols and 80% catechins (50% EGCG) using a water extraction method. (Dried tea leaves contain about 10% polyphenols.) 500mg dissolves in h..
Holy Basil, Tulsi Organic 10% Tannins ExtractDiet Tip: Carbohydrates such as bread, whole grain (e.g. rice, millet, quinoa, corn etc.), high glycemic fresh and dried fruits decrease a chronic stress related high secr..
Magnolia Organic 98% Biphenolic Magnolol Honokiol Extract
Soy Fermented Organic 99% 20000fu Nattokinase
Sumac Bran Organic 50:1 Extract
Organic Sumac bran 50:1 extract, 156000 ORAC per gram.Used for coloring food, clothing, and as a spice in the middle east, this is the top antioxidant superfood available!According to the superfood list at oracva..
Turkey Tail Trametes Versicolor Organic 45% Polysaccharide-K Extract
Turkey Tail, Trametes Versicolor Organic Extract (45%) strengthens the liver and spleen.It has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is recommended to support detoxification, cancer, is a he..
Watermelon Skin Organic 100:1 L-Citrulline Extract
Watermelon Skin Extract 100:1Highly purified watermelon skin extract is known as an anti-aging agent that protects the cells against drought and UV-rays by a DNA protecting mechanism. Looking for younger and regenera..


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