Stress Support

A stressful lifestyle can cause many different illnesses, and is categorized into two main types of stress:  Acute stress and Chronic stress.

The word “stress” must be clarified between chronic & acute and naturally the treatment would be according to the type of stress.

Acute stress is a type of stress with low level of inter alia epinephrine.

In the case of acute stress you need nutrition support and ingredients to boost the secretions of stress hormones.

Chronic stress is a form of stress noted by an increase in the secretion of catecholamines.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline belong to the group of Catecholamines and are related to the stress hormone Cortisol.

If people with chronic stress use the same anti-stress supplements that are beneficial for acute stress such as amino acids or protein powders, the situation of chronic stress will get worse; Catecholamine will be stimulated and the secretions increase.

In the case of chronic stress it is better for the body to take something which reduces catecholamine to levels typical of the decrease in chronic stress.

Many people do not know their stressful lifestyle can be the cause of their maladies.

This section provides a collection of herbal extracts which are helpful in counteracting the effects of these different kinds of stress on the body.


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Acerola Cherry 25% Vitamin C Organic Extract

Acerola Cherry 25% Natural Vitamin C - Starting at 100g Guaranteed NO ASCORBIC ACID Acerola Ch..


Apple Root 95% Phloridzin Organic Extract

Organic Apple Root, 95% Phloridzin This is a fantastic polyphenol isolated from apple root bark. ..


Cistanche Tubulosa Root 30:1 Organic Extract

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Galangal 10:1 Organic Extract

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Galangal Organic 30:1 Extract

Galangal Organic 30:1 Extract - Ethanolic Galangal is a part of the family from turmeric and ging..


Goji Berry Organic 50% Polysaccharide Extract

Goji Berry Organic 50% Polysaccharide Extract Goji berry plants are an evergreen native to China ..


Green Tea 20% Caffeine Organic Extract

GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% “full spectrum”, is standardized to a minimum of 20% caffeine. Provides a ..


Green Tea 98% Theophylline Organic Extract

GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% Theophylline is the most potent form of Theophylline yet.   Sugges..


Green Tea, Organic, 98% Polyphenols/50% EGCG Standardized Extract

GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% “full spectrum”, is standardized to a minimum of 98% polyphenols and 80% cate..


Holy Basil Organic 10% Tannins Organic Extract

Holy Basil, Tulsi Organic 10% Tannins Extract Diet Tip: Carbohydrates such as bread, whole grain ..


Licorice 10:1 Deglycerized Organic Extract

Organic Licorice Glycyrrhiza Glabra 10:1 Deglycerized - Starting at 50g Licorice has a carbohydra..


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