White Willow Bark 98% Salicin Organic Extract

Organic White Willow Extract, 98% Salicin

This extract is the herbal form of the drug Aspirin (ASS), it contains a chemical similar to aspirin known as salicin acid. White Willow extract is used for headaches, low back pain, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps and fever.

Benefits of White Willow Extract:

Strongly anti-inflammatory, Natural fever reducer, Pain reliever.

Suggested Serving Size:

30 to 100 mg per day in divided doses.


Our Nutritional Consultant suggests to combine with 2 to 4 gram Ester C and 3 to 5 gram Acai extract, if you would like to boost the effectiveness.

White Willow Extract is natural and safe, nevertheless if you are suffering from asthma, ulcers, diabetes, gout, hemophilia or other blood disorders, kidney or liver problems then is this extract contraindicated. Some people have an allergy to Aspirin, if so, it is contraindicated too.


If you are taking a chemo or radio therapy, or suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS, or chemical allergies) other herbal extracts and vitamins are recommended to help prevent and reduce any side effects of these drugs. This varies by individual, and you may wish to have a personal e-consultation. This new service by Badmonkey Botanicals is available around the world and can help you get on track with your health plan. If you are interested in more information about this service, contact us.


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White Willow Bark 98% Salicin Organic Extract

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