Tienchi Ginseng Notoginseng 16% Notoginsenosides Organic Extract

Tienchi Ginseng Organic 16% Notoginsenosides Extract - Starting at 25g

In the Vietnam war, the Vietnamese were a very surprisingly strong enemy.  The ally forces were stunned at how strong and resilient the enemy was.  These guys would keep coming and keep coming as if there was something external keeping them alive through bomb blasts and bullet wounds.  When they took the belongings off the downed soldiers, they found that each one of them had a bottle of chinese medicine - called Yunnan Baiyao.  Subject to debate, but the point when they found this fact and the Ally forces started using it themselves was a turning point in the war.  The formula was used to stop bleeding, reduce blood stasis, and increase wound healing(a bit of a corticosteroid effect).  The main part of the formula was Notoginseng, or Tienchi Ginseng, which is a "cooling" adaptogen unlike any other ginseng that has "warming" attributes.  Those who run hot naturally will love this super potent standardized extract of Tienchi Ginseng.

Suggested use is 100-300mg 2 times daily

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Tienchi Ginseng Notoginseng 16% Notoginsenosides Organic Extract

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