Long Jack Tongkat Ali 200:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract

LONG JACK, aka Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma longifolia jack. Premium 200:1 low-temp processed extract.

This is one of the strongest and highest quality extracts available.

Dried at under 120 degrees and water soluble, this extract is the result of 20 years human and animal research. It promotes a stronger boost to levels of free testosterone, c-GMP, and DHEA, while lowering SHBG with a dose dependent potential to increase penile reflex, sexual desire and activity.

Worth researching this one on the web for more in-depth information.

Long Jack has been used safely as a tonic for increasing strength and sexual desire in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years.

Dose recommendations vary but for best results the extract should be taken regularly

For male vitality and sexual enhancement 100-200mg in morning with water, or 1.3mg x your weight in kg once a day.

Bodybuilders often will take 125-250mg/day divided in two doses for 5 days on & 2 off per week.

An additional 100mg dose is sometimes recommended before sexual activity, athletic events, etc. We’ve seen both “after meals” and “on empty stomach” recommended! Women are said to benefit from Long Jack at half the male dose.

There are a lot of cheaper Long Jack extracts out there, but the #1 brand usually sells the same potency premium extract in 50-80mg caps at a SRP of $10/gram, or powder at $5/gram.

Very bitter pure powder.

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Long Jack Tongkat Ali 200:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract

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