Cordyceps 3% Cordycepin Organic Extract

Organic Cordyceps 3% Cordycepin - Starting at 10g

1000% more potent than Cordyceps 50% polysaccharide.

This cultured Chinese fungus gained fame in aiding Chinese athletes set world records.

After winning Olympic medals in track, they were tested for steroid use.

Their only comment was about their use of this award winning extract.

Supports healthy cholesterol and SOD (antioxidant) levels, kidney function, memory and mental sharpness, sexual vigor and increase of energy by elevating cAMP & ATP levels.

Researchers from University of Macau, China, isolated a polysaccharide, called CSP-1 from cultured Cordyceps mycelia. It was able to significantly lower plasma blood glucose, and was shown to increase the activity of a liver enzyme (glucokinase) responsible for decreasing internal sugar production and helped regulate sugar processing by the liver.

Increases energy level, increased oxygen capacity, boosts lung function and capacity, improves sexual virility and increases endurance level. Cordyceps extract increases the intracellular ATP levels in the organism by almost 28%.

It is a natural adrenalin booster, therefore it is a good support of acute stress. Also regulates cholesterol.

Caution: Avoid it, if you take any kind of blood thinners such Nattokinase, Serrapeptase or Wafarin etc. . Cordyceps extract is a natural adrenalin booster, therefore it is a good support of acute stress, not for chronic stress (long term).

Suggested Use: 100mg per day or as needed.

Diet Tip: Protein in form of yoghurt, cheese or other milk products, fish, meat und protein drinks increases catecholamines (e.g. adrenalin, nor-adrenalin), therefore it is very important to support acute stress (short term).


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Cordyceps 3% Cordycepin Organic Extract

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