Cnidium Monnieri 10% Osthole Organic Extract

CNIDIUM Monnieri, Organic 10% Osthole by HPLC.

50mg or more has been known to promote an increase in nitric oxide (NO), smooth muscle relaxation, and an inhibition in the enzyme PDE-5, supporting improved blood flow to sex organs for longer periods of time for men and women.

A key ingredient in some “male enhancement” products you see advertised.

Typically 200-400mg is used about an hour before sexual activity, often with yohimbe, citrulline or arginine, horny goat weed, mucuna, etc.

Called "common cnidium" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it may be helpful for circulation and is found in many Chinese sleep formulas.

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Cnidium Monnieri 10% Osthole Organic Extract

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