Butea Superba 30% Flavonoid Glycosides Organic Extract

Those looking for Bulbine Natalensis have found a safer and just-as-effective alternative.

Butea Superba is also known as Red Kwao Kreu which grows in the central, eastern, and northern regions of Thailand. 

Butea Superba contains high flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides a c-AMD phospodiesterase inhibitor.  Many species of the plant exist. Through an arduous research effort two species were selected for commercial cultivation.  Although there are chemical similarities to Pueraria Mirfica (white kwao krua) the two plants are very diverse in their chemical attributes. With our research efforts it has been established that Butea Superba does facilitate vasodilation in the utilizing similar mechanisms as the precription drug Viagra.  Subjects also report an increase of energy without an increase in nervous system stimulation.  Butea Superba has been using safely with no known side effects.  This herb can be utilized as a mild alternative to drugs like viagra. 

The delivery of  Butea Superba can be through oral ingestion capsules), sublinguals or a cosmetic topicals.

Although a less toxic alternative, use of Butea Superba for sexual dysfunction should be limited to 1 month because in high quantities and long term usage situations it my not be as safe unlike Safed Musli which exhibits the same properties but has no known negative side effects.

Suggested usage:  325mg 1-2x Daily


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Butea Superba 30% Flavonoid Glycosides Organic Extract

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