Made from the inner bark of the Uncaria tomentosa vine in the Peruvian rainforest, a powerful antioxidant used for years to promote a healthy immune system, response to inflammation & other properties including bowel cleansing.

300% More potent than our previous Cat's Claw extract, and made with the true Cat's Claw, not the substitute sometimes called Cats Claw that has a high TOA content.

Promotes a healthy intestinal tract, is alkaline and is great against Candida albicans. Cat's Claw extract is an ideal support in several cancer types.  Traditionally used for anti-aging and recently singled out for its role in upregulation of dopamine and other neurotransmitter receptor sites in the brain.

Used in traditional Peruvian herbalism for centuries.

Suggested use is about 500-1500mg per day.



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Cat's Claw 5% Alkaloids Uncaria Tomentosa Organic Extract

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