Shiitake Fermented Mycelia 99% Polysaccharide Acetylated Alpha Glucan Organic Extract

99% Polysaccharide Extract of Hybridized Shiitake Mycelium

Compared to AHCC®, this extract is 250% more potent by volume, and certified to contain 50% acetylated alpha glucan by volume.

Acetylated Alpha-Glucan is the active ingredient and has been extensively studied for its effects on cell-mediated immunity and activation of the white blood cells(specifically natural killer cells and macrophages). These cells are your effective immune system as they directly attack bacterial and viral pathogens that attempt to infect the body.

In Japan, AHCC® is the #2 complementary and alternative medicine used by cancer patients.

AHCC® is used to protect the immune system of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan alone.

Improves quality of life for cancer patients

At Kansai Medical University in Osaka, Japan, patients who were treated for pancreatic or biliary tract cancer with gemcitabine were given AHCC® and compared to a control group. The AHCC group showed no differences in leukocyte counts, platelet counts or liver function, but there was a significant difference in hemoglobin levels, thus preventing anemia, and c-reactive protein levels indicating an anti-inflammatory response.

A different study in China showed an 84% improvement of quality of life with cancer patients receiving radiation or chemotherapy.

Numerous doctors in Japan have reported no loss of hair (alopecia) during radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients taking AHCC®. In a study with mice published in the Japanese Journal of Cancer Research, a chemotherapy drug (cytosine arabinoside) was used to induce hair loss in rats. The rats who also received AHCC® had a significantly lower rate and less severity of hair loss.

AHCC® and viral infections

Animal research suggests AHCC® can help prevent influenza and the West Nile virus.

A study on avian flu was conducted at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the South China Agricultural University. The H5N1 virus was administered nasally to two groups of mice, one group pre-treated with AHCC®. The death rate was recorded from 14 days after infection and the post-infection survival rates were compared between the two groups. All mice in the untreated control group were dead by the 11th day post-infection. In the AHCC®-treated group 20% of the mice were still alive 21 days post-infection. In the control group 50% were dead at the end of 8 days. In the AHCC group the 50% mark was the 11th day. AHCC® significantly raised the survival rate, and even after re-infection with the virus on the 21st and 28th days after treatment the survival rate stayed at 20-30%.

500mg of AHCC® is equivlent to 200mg of this extract.  750mg of AHCC® is equivalent to 300mg of this extract.

Suggested Serving Size

200-300mg 2x per day

Servings per container

***20g = 100 servings

**100g = 500 servings

**250g = 1000 servings

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Shiitake Fermented Mycelia 99% Polysaccharide Acetylated Alpha Glucan Organic Extract

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