• Sumac Bran 50:1 Organic Extract

Sumac Bran 50:1 Organic Extract

Organic Sumac bran 50:1 extract, 156000 ORAC per gram.

Used for coloring food, clothing, and as a spice in the middle east, this is the top antioxidant superfood available!

According to the superfood list at
oracvalues.com sumac bran is the top superfood in terms of ORAC value, 312,000 ORAC per 100g. That's only 3120 ORAC per gram.

This extract is 156,000 ORAC value per gram, or 15,600,000(over 15 million!!)
ORAC per 100g.

That's over 31 days of antioxidants per gram(at 5000 ORAC per day), or 19,500 orac per 125mg dose!

Compare this ORAC value to acai 10:1 at 3,000 ORAC per gram and coffee berry extract at 16,500 ORAC per gram.

Sumac has also been used traditionally as an antifibrogenic, antifungal, antiinflammatory, antimalarial, antimicrobial, antimutagenic, antioxidant, antithrombin, antitumorigenic, antiviral, cytotoxic, hypoglycaemic, and leukopenic.

Standardized to 10% anthocyanidins, each gram contains 100mg anthocyanidins.

If you're looking for top antioxidant value for your money, this is it!

It's mildly sweet and can be taken in water as a tea or in capsule form.


Stress is an antioxidant burner. Free radicals, that are special molecules reduce the antioxidant potential in the body. Stress causes lowered antioxidant levels. Now you could try to avoid always all kind of negative stress for the rest of your life! Well, but this is not a good deal because stress is a normal part of our life. But we can take certainly take dietary antioxidant extract such as organic Sumac Bran and we can eat antioxidant-rich foods to keep their levels at optimum levels. Antioxidants are vital as they minimize stress-induced damages, keep our body's cells healthy and help us lead a better life under stressful conditions.   This can also increase the risk to get a bladder infection and is unhealthy for the cardiovascular system. An antioxidative support like Sumac Bran Extract may be helpful to regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol.

In humans, the common signs of oxidative damage can be seen in the normal signs of cataracts and macular degeneration. Medical drugs increase the attacks of free radicals in the body and this increases the risk of more side effects. If you take medication you can ask our nutritional consultant, he is an expert in Pharmacy-Nutrition Interaction. The consultation is for free and a service by Badmonkey Botanicals.

Suggested Use: At least dosage per day is 50mg-125 mg. The effect is higher, if you take an ester C like ascorbyl-palmitate (at least 500 to 1,000 mg).






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Sumac Bran 50:1 Organic Extract

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