Graviola Soursop 4:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract

GRAVIOLA 4:1 powder extract, (Annona muricata or "soursop") has been featured by several health newsletters including Health Sciences Institute (

In tropical countries every part of the tree has been used for food or natural health benefits.

Recent in vitro studies have shown compounds in graviola leaves to have remarkable properties, worthy of a web search for further information.

The leaves are also said to promote upbeat state of mind and relieve anxiety.

Natural substances are not patentable, so there are no expensive published animal or human studies.


It has been known to have a tranquillizing effect and reduce tension.

Suggested Use: 250 mg of 4:1 extract per day or if it is needed.



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Graviola Soursop 4:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract

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