Fructooligosaccharide 98% Water Soluble Fiber Organic Extract

Fructooligosaccharide(FOS) 98% Pure Water Soluble Fiber Extract

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are short-chain polymers. comprised of D-fructose and D-glucose, which are not metabolized by the body like simple sugars are, and are therefore considered non-digestible oligosaccharides.

They occur naturally in fruit, garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes and certain other foods. They are technically a soluble fiber.

FOS are effective sweeteners, being half as sweet as sucrose, yet are not absorbed and have minimal caloric value.

Fructooligosaccharides are considered prebiotic and support the growth and effectiveness of probiotics, especially bifidobacteria.

Suggested Serving Size

½ – 1 teaspoon(1.25g – 2.5g) up to 4 times per day in between meals

Servings per container

***100g = 80 servings

***500g = 400 servings

**1000g = 800 servings

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Fructooligosaccharide 98% Water Soluble Fiber Organic Extract

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