COFFEE, BERRY Coffee whole-fruit extract utilizing the non-roasted whole fruit of the coffee plant, not just the bean.

16,500 ORAC units per gram(or 1.65 million orac per 100g as the orac value lists report, see  50% total phenolic acids.

Contains less than 0.4% caffeine.

Over 30 times more concentrated than regular coffee berry whole fruit powder.

Whole coffee fruit has antioxidants not found in coffee drinks.

Compounds found in coffee berry whole fruit extract include caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid, trigonelline, quinic acid and coffee saccharides. It is an antioxidant that offers blood sugar and immune system support and relief from inflammation.

Polysaccharides, such as mannans and arabinogalactans, make up almost half the dry weight of the powder. Conventional roasting destroys these nutrients, so they’re not found in traditional brewed coffee.


Five fruits and vegetables have an average ORAC value of 2,500 units.

200mg dose of coffee berry whole-fruit extract yields 3300 ORAC units.

Tart/bitter, fruity taste.

Compare to the most popular extract @ 3000 ORAC per 200mg dose or 15,000 ORAC per gram.


Suggested Use 400 mg/daily.


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Coffee Berry 10:1 Supercritical CO2 Whole Fruit Organic Extract

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