• Capsule Filling Machine - '1' 'O' 'OO' Size

Capsule Filling Machine - '1' 'O' 'OO' Size

  • Spring loaded action closes all the capsules in one motion
  • Faster than cap-m-quik and other similar capsule fillers.
  • Fills 24 capsules in two minutes!


  • custom mix ingredients
  • use quality and fresh raw ingredients
  • save up to 75%
  • avoid use of binders or excipients

Kit includes everything you need! 

Includes tamper, filler stand, flat edge card to level contents, and desiccant bag to keep your capsules fresh.

Orders with capsule filling machines will be sent First-class mail instead since they won't fit in a flat rate envelope.


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Capsule Filling Machine - '1' 'O' 'OO' Size

  • $14.99

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