ORGANIC POMEGRANATE EXTRACT, 40% Punicoside, is a water soluble extract standardized to a minimum 40% punicosides polyphenols and has the exact ratio of phytochemical markers as in pomegranate juice.  Exponentially more effective than our previous 70% Ellagic acid pomegranate extract.

Studies have shown that supplementing with pomegranate extract slows down the development of arteriosclerosis, lowers systolic blood pressure and improves the lipid profile, also reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Such as e.g. scientists in Israel have shown that drinking a daily glass of the juice can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pomegranate extract inhibits serum Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) activity and reduces systolic blood pressure.
In a clinical study of ten human subjects, pomegranate juice polyphenols lowered the activity of ACE by 36%.

Suggested Use: 40-50 mg/d.

Caution: If you take ACE inhibitors avoid pomegranate extract, it increases the effect of these medical drugs.

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Pomegranate Organic 40% Punicoside Polyphenols Standardized Extract

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