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Apple Root Organic 95% Phloridzin Extract
Organic Apple Root, 95% Phloridzin This is a fantastic polyphenol isolated from apple root bark. It lowers cholesterol and prevents damage to the skin by ultraviolet radiation. Phloridzin sounds like a miracle ingredi..
Apple Skin Organic 70% Polyphenols Extract
This extract is 70% polyphenols, >6% phloridzin, from unripe apple skins. Apple polyphenols have been known to combat superoxide, hydroxyl, and singlet oxygen free radicals, while increasing the body’s antioxidants..
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Astragalus Organic 20% Astragaloside IV Standardized Extract
  Organic Astragalus 20% Astragaloside IV Standardized Extract   Currently the most economical form of Astragaloside IV available! Supports healthy immune response and boosts stamina.* Traditiona..
Bacopa Monnieri 20% Organic Extract
This Bacopa Monnieri extract contains 20-25% bacocides, certified by lab analysis. Bacopa monnieri also known as Brahmi, has been used in many Ayurvedic formulations. It is an important component of medhyarasayana,..
Broccoli Organic 1% L-sulforaphane Extract
Broccoli 1% L-Sulforaphane Sulforaphane is an isothiocyanate. It is one main active ingredient in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. According to researchers at Imperial College in London U..
Broccoli Sprout Organic Extract 20:1 Full Spectrum
BROCCOLI SPROUT EXTRACT 20:1 Fresh Broccoli sprouts contain 50 times as much sulforaphane (a major inducer of certain important enzymes) as mature broccoli. Major components in cabbage family vegetables include I3C..
Cannabis Patient Premium Nutritional Support Blend
Cannabis Patient Premium Nutritional Support Blend High doses of Cannabis and many other analgesics can have an effect on different systems of the body including the liver, kidneys, heart, and can cause vitamin defici..
Catuaba, 0.6% Alkaloids Standardized Extract
CATUABA 0.6% Total alkaloids standardized extract. Deeply rooted in Brazilian folklore, it is the plant most widely used to support sexual function. Also widely used to fortify the nervous system and promote normal..
Chaste berry, Vitex 5% Standardized Extract
CHASTE BERRY (Vitex), Vitex agnus-castus, 12:1, 5% flavonoids, acts on the pituitary to stimulate a normalized hormonal function including a healthy balance between FSH and LH. Traditional use includes support of eye ..
Cistanche Tubulosa Root Organic 30:1 Extract
Cistanche Tubulosa Root 30:1 Full-Spectrum Extract 1/26/14:  New potency!  300% More potent than our previous 10:1 extract! Cistanche has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cistanche incre..
Cnidium Monnieri Organic Extract 10% Osthole
CNIDIUM Monnieri, Organic 10% Osthole by HPLC. 50mg or more has been known to promote an increase in nitric oxide (NO), smooth muscle relaxation, and an inhibition in the enzyme PDE-5, supporting improved blood flow t..
Cordyceps Mushroom, Organic 40% Polysaccharide Extract
CORDYCEPS SINENSIS. (Organic 40% polysaccharide). 11/27/2013:  400% more potent than what we've carried previously. This cultured Chinese fungus gained fame in aiding Chinese athletes set world records. Aft..
Diindolylmethane Organic, DIM
Organic 3,4 Diindolylmethane, DIM Naturally derived from cruciferous vegetables such as brocoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, collard greens, etc. One 200mg serving of DIM equals the same amount found in 10lbs. ..
Elderberry Organic Extract, 6.5% Anthocyanin
ELDERBERRY ORGANIC EXTRACT powder, standardized to 6.5% anthocyanin, up to 15% catechin polyphenols, pure with no fillers. An adaptogen (helps in stress situations,) and an antioxidant more powerful than blueberry tha..
Ginkgo, Organic 24/6 <1ppm Ginkgolic Acid
GINKGO, 24/6 powder, has <1ppm ginkolic acid (a potential irritant) and is standardized for over 80 antioxidant Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides in the proportion used in European research. Ginkgo promotes concentration, ..
Goji Berry Organic 40% Polysaccharide Extract
Goji Berry Organic 40 % Polysaccharide Extract Goji berry plants are an evergreen native to China and Tibet. They have been known by the locals to help fight fever, lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight, cleansi..
Gotu kola, 10% Triterpenes Standardized Extract
GOTU KOLA Centella asiatica, std to 10% triterpene glycosides. This Indian herb is mildly stimulating which increases mental alertness and memory, yet is calming and may aid sleep. Promotes healthy circulation, blood ..
Green Tea, Organic, 98% Polyphenols/50% ECGC Standardized Extract
GREEN TEA EXTRACT, 98% “full spectrum”, is standardized to a minimum of 98% polyphenols and 80% catechins (50% EGCG) using a water extraction method. (Dried tea leaves contain about 10% polyphenols.) 500mg dissolves in h..
Hawthorn Berry Organic 5% Flavonoid Standardized Extract
HAWTHORN BERRY organic extract (2% cratagic acid, 5% flavonoid glycosides). Traditional and modern uses include support of healthy cardiovascular system, blood pressure, blood flow, heart muscle function and cholester..
Jiaogulan Organic 95% Gypenosides Standardized Extract
JIAOGULAN (Gynostemma) >95% gypenocides, organic! China’s “herb of immortality” has been used  as a medicinal and energizing tea for centuries in Asia. Japanese researchers originally studied it as a sugar ..
Milk Thistle Organic 80% Silymarin Extract
Milk Thistle Organic 80% Silymarin I grew up in one of the many habitats this plant calls its home. Milk thistle is a chest-high thorny plant, the favorite food of Eeyore in my favorite childhood series. If you're not..
Muira Puama Organic 20:1 Extract
Muira Puama 20:1 Extract For those looking for a natural alternative to Viagra for increasing libido and the interest in sex, then is this one yours, because it is the most effective natural substance. The main active..
Pomegranate Organic 40% Punicoside Polyphenol Standardized Extract
ORGANIC POMEGRANATE EXTRACT, 40% Punicoside, is a water soluble extract standardized to a minimum 40% punicosides polyphenols and has the exact ratio of phytochemical markers as in pomegranate juice.  Exponentially ..
Pueraria Mirifica Organic 10% Miroestrol Extract
Pueraria Mirifica Extract 10% Miroestrol This plant grows in Thailand(Called Kwao Krua Kao) and is known for a valuable phytoestrogen called miroesterol. It's cousin, Kudzu, was used by the US Department of Agricultur..
Resveratrol Organic 98% Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract
Resveratrol 98% from Polygonum Cuspidatum Resveratrol is also found in blueberry, mulberry, peanut, chocolate and in the skin of red grapes. Badmonkey Botanicals is happy to provide you this fantastic substance in its..
Soy Fermented Organic 99% 20000fu Nattokinase
Terminalia Arjuna Organic 0.5% Arjunolic Acid Standardized Extract
Terminalia Arjuna extract powder 0.5% arjunolic acid extract, considered a “new” sensation for the cardiovascular system, helping to normalize cholesterol levels. It has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine in India for..