Bitter Orange 6% Synephrine Organic Extract

BITTER ORANGE, Citrus aurantium, zhi-shi, is used for fat loss, increasing muscle mass, and regulating athletic function.

Synephrine is a close relative and safe alternative to ephedra(ephedrine), used as a decongestant and thermogenic agent without the “jitters.”

Does not negatively affect the central nervous system or blood pressure. Avoid caffeine when using this product.

Standardized to >6% synephrine, and now organic!

It contains a high level of an antioxidant, called nobelitin and is a support in type-2 diabetes.

Suggested Use: 350-500mg per dose.

Caution: Not to be used by High blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fever, allergic reaction, chest pain, and blurred vision unless recommended by a health care practitioner .
If you want to make sure that you don't suffer from any of these, consult your doctor before you take the extract.



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Bitter Orange 6% Synephrine Organic Extract

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