• Panax Ginseng 60 Ginsenosides Organic Extract

Panax Ginseng 60% Ginsenosides Organic Extract

ORGANIC GINSENG, Panax 60% ginsenosides standardized powder.

Promotes increased oxygen uptake & cardiovascular performance, the ability to concentrate and healthy blood sugar levels.

Used with Arginine for Nitric oxide production.

Strong bitter ginseng taste.


It is a popular herb for dealing with stress. It supports the adrenal glands and increases stress resistance for our body in acute stress situations. Ginseng is also believed to improve brain function for more memory and concentration.

Suggested Use: 100mg 1-3 times daily or if it is needed.

Stress Diet Tip: Protein in form of yoghurt, cheese or other milk products, fish, meat und protein drinks increases catecholamines (e.g. adrenalin, nor-adrenalin), therefore it is very important to support acute stress (short term).

Caution: In some laboratory studies, panax ginseng increased the production of breast cancer cells.

Contraindications: There have been reports of interactions between Ginseng and MAO inhibitor drugs, digitalis, warfarin (Coumadin) and high doses of prescription steroids. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use Ginseng, and diabetics should consult a physician before using.


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Panax Ginseng 60% Ginsenosides Organic Extract

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