Corydalis 98% Tetrahydropalmitine - Starting at 10g

Corydalis is Traditional Chinese Medicine for pain.  Using a novel method for pain relief, it has the effect of blocking dopamine and reducing levels of dopamine in the case fo dopamine levels that are too high.

Currently being investigated for its effects on restoring immune function by helping the body repair dopamine receptors throughout the body - positively affecting the bidirectional communication system between the central nervous system and autoimmune system.

Typical dose is 10-100mg either before bed, or throughout the day every 1.5 hours as a neuroprotectant to high dopamine levels.

Also available:  L-tetrahydropalmitine a purely dopamine antagonist

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Corydalis Yanhusuo 98% Racemic Tetrahydropalmitine Organic Extract

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