Hawthorn Berry 20% Flavonoid Standardized Organic Extract

HAWTHORN BERRY organic extract (20% flavonoid glycosides).

Traditional and modern uses include support of healthy cardiovascular system, blood pressure, blood flow, heart muscle function and cholesterol levels.

Known for its positive effects in the treatment of heart failure, chest pains(angina) and high blood pressure.

Contains oligomeric procyanidins(OPCs) also found in grape seed, and high in antioxidant value.


Cardiovascular support, increases oxygen supply to the heart, decreases high blood pressure.

Suggested Use: 60 to 125 mg per day.

Tip: In cases of chronic stress, an increased adrenaline secretion caused by chronic stress may be negative for the blood pressure and heart. Hawthorn increases performance of the heart, thus reducing some negative effects of chronic stress.



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Hawthorn Berry 20% Flavonoid Standardized Organic Extract

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