What is Badmonkey Botanicals?

Badmonkey Botanicals is a project that began in 2008 to offer better quality herbal supplement powders than in the expensive supplement blends at a drastically reduced price.

Most people are paying outrageous prices, and going broke, over expensive supplements full of maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, and other fillers... paying for colored capsules, bottles, and foil-lined labels...

The economy is tough, and if you're going to stay healthy and be able to afford it too, you need to think outside the box.  A pack of capsules at Super Supplements costs $10 for 750 empty capsules.  With a capsule filler, you can fill a month supply of capsules in 2 minutes.

Supplement manufacturers charge a premium for their machines to fill these capsules for you.  Most of the contents in a capsule are junk that you and I don't need.  It's just that, filler.  Also you are paying taxes on that junk.  Who needs it?

Look at the labels on these products and "do the math"

There was a recent bodybuilding supplement that fit the above description... fancy supplement blend names, foil lined label, expensive bottle, and colored capsules.. $75 for a month's supply.  When looking beyond the fancy trademarked names and patented blends on the label it added up to 54 grams of product that would cost someone who shopped my site only $20.

Now, not all supplement blends are like that.  Some are actually very reasonably priced, but not many.

We specialize in the "hard to find" extracts that have been very costly in some of the expensive formulas. They have been distributed by multi-level-marketing, and in very expensive packaging and spending too much on advertising.

We donate a portion of the proceeds to help the Malaria Support Retreat, Holistic Health Care Initiative based in Papua New Guinea.

Thank you for your support.