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Grapefruit 98% Naringin Organic Extract

Grapefruit Organic 98% Naringin Extract - Starting at 50g Naringen has antioxidant, anti-carcinog..


Hawthorn Leaf Organic 20% Vitexin Extract

HAWTHORN LEAF organic extract (20% Vitexin). Starting at 50g Traditional and modern uses include ..


Hops Flower Organic 4% Xanthohumol Extract

Organic Hops 4% Xanthohumol - Starting at 10g Xanthohumol is a Flavonoid found in the Hops plant...


Horse Chestnut 20% Aescin Standardized Organic Extract

Organic Horse Chestnut extract powder, 18-22% saponins, strengthens blood vessel walls and capillari..


Jaboticaba Peel 1:1 Organic Raw

Jaboticaba Raw Organic Peel - Starting at 100g This was a very special request from our nutrition..


Jujube Spine Date Seed 3% Jujuboside A Standardized Organic Extract

JUJUBE SEED, Spine Date Seed Wild, full-spectrum extract, 3% Jujuboside A. This traditional “true..


Licorice 10:1 Deglycerized Organic Extract

Organic Licorice Glycyrrhiza Glabra 10:1 Deglycerized - Starting at 50g Licorice has a carbohydra..


Long Jack Tongkat Ali 200:1 Full-Spectrum Organic Extract

LONG JACK, aka Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma longifolia jack. Premium 200:1 low-temp processed extract. T..


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