Acai 20:1 Freeze-Dried Organic Extract

Euterpe Oleracea, is one of the latest “super-berries” to gain popularity, but it has been used for thousands of years by natives in the Amazon rainforest.

This organic extract of acai berries is extracted at a 20:1 concentration. That means the active ingredients were extracted from 19kg of Acai and added back to Acai powder to make 1kg of this extract.

Amazon natives and many authorities believe acai contributes to increased vitality and many other benefits.

Dr. Perricone rated it #1 on his list of super-foods.

Acai is fantastic against free radicals. Free radicals are special molecules that reduce the antioxidant potential in the body and increase oxidative stress. In humans, some common signs of oxidative damage are cataracts and macular degeneration.

Acai increases energy levels and endurance. Acai stimulates ATP production, supports the immune system, enzyme function, metabolic and cardiovascular systems.

Acai also promotes the production of HGH(Human Growth Hormone). It is a complex that uses 191 amino acids. HGH is produced chiefly by the pituitary gland and has anti-ageing properties. The perfect complex of amino acids found in Acai fruit is vital for the production of HGH.

Some positive effects of Human Growth Hormone are: Increase energy and endurance, strengthening/repair of the immune system, better disease resistance, increased wound healing, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol and Stress regulation.

Acai is a great stress fighter. Chronic stress is a form of stress that increases the secretion of catecholamines.

Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline belong to the group of Catecholamine and are related to the stress hormone Cortisol.

This water extract has a fruity taste and smell and has an ORAC value of 10000 per gram.

Suggested dosage: 250 mg taken in the morning.

Add to other fruit/berry extracts to flavor or use it to add extra nutrition to a whey protein drink.

Servings per Container:

***** 50g size is 200 servings

***** 250g size is 1000 servings

***** 500g size is 2000 servings

***** 1000g size is 4000 servings

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Acai 20:1 Freeze-Dried Organic Extract

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